How To Protect Your Home Or Workplac From Thieves With LED Lights

How To Protect Your Home Or Workplac From Thieves With LED Lights

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How To Protect Your Home Or Workplac From Thieves With LED Lights

(Summary description)How To Protect Your Home Or Workplac From Thieves With LED Lights

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Annoying is the word and it is often an understaement when it comes to protecting your home or office from pesky negigborthood thieves,If you have ever had anything stolen from your front porch or yard, it might be time to upgrade your lighting and add more of it.With the efficiency of LED ligths,lighting up your home or office to deter thieves is not as expensive as it use to be. 

To start off, which the drop in prices for LED lighting products ,using LED lights got a lot easier,Going with LEDs means you can run those lights from dusk to dawn without the huge burden on your electric bill that those old incandescent or metal halide bulbs can cost you,An LEDD light can save you 90% compared to those old incandescent bulbs,LED lights also last a whole lot longer,meaning less costs down the line and not needing to go out and replace bulbs regularly.LED lights is now the go to when it comes to security. 

Install lighting in high,hard to reach locations-

Installing LED floodlights mounted high and out of reach will help deter thieves.The higher you can get these lights so they can not be reached without a ladder, the better.YOu do not want to install a light for security only to have it ripped off the wall by the thief,It takes tools and spirit to dislodge a study lighting solution and petty thieves are not going to take the time to mess with them,Flood lights mounted in the eves of your home are a great idea.LED wall packs mounted high up around your office building creating a barrier of light around the building. 

Get LED lights with Motion Sensors-

A motion sensor is a great addition for security purposes,With modern LED lights,there is lots of options when it comes to motion sensors. LED lights of all kidns can include motion sensors these days, take advantage of it,Using motion sensors in addition to cameras ins a sure fire way to help prevent theft,Making sure you ahve bright light in areas where security cameras are installed will make the footage from the cameras useful,Having a motion sensor can not only bring light to a location to shine on a thief,but may also deter them into thinking someone just turned the light on, and thus scaring them away.

Many warehouses are now using LED high bay ligths with motion sensors ,These high bay ligths save energy by only coming on when employees are in teh area doing work,but also to turn on at night,if a thief is near the ligth to work in tandem with security cameras. 

Parking lot safety is also improved by motion sensor lights,These motion sensors not only help prevent auto theft but help with the persional protection of drivers as they come and got to their vehicles. 

Motion sensors in solar powered lgihts not only helps deter theft with light, but also helps preserve the battery and therefore extend the life of a solar powered light.If noting is around, htere is not point in wasting the power created by the solar panel.

Go a little Brighter-

With the efficiency of LEED lights, going little brighter is not going to hurt your wallet the way it does with older technologies.With the addition of motion sensors,you can go brighter without worrying about that briht light on all night. 

Remember that LEDs are far more efficient,so pay attention to lumens,not watts.LEDs also do not degrade and lose lumen output with the speed that older technolgies do.Using LED lights for your security means that ligth is going to stay bright for much longer,If you are trying to figure out the right LED to replace an old bulb or tube, please check out this www.tonghuilighting.cn

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