6 Types Of LEDs That Can Transform Your Home In Minutes

6 Types Of LEDs That Can Transform Your Home In Minutes

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6 Types Of LEDs That Can Transform Your Home In Minutes

(Summary description)6 Types Of LEDs That Can Transform Your Home In Minutes

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State of the art furniture, exquisite window dressing, antique show pieces, fancy aquarium...no you donot need any of these budget busting inputs to transform your interior decoration for the better,Sometimes,all it takes is some well chosen LED lights that not only add visual grandeur but effective functionality as well,If you have been thingking about giving your home decoration a facelift without breaking your bank,here are some LED light options that you can try rightt away...

LED Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb-

These are currently the talk of the town.As the name suggests,these super unique LEDs come wiht built in speakers with bluetooth connectivity,This is a genius way to carry your music to every corner of the house whithout having to worry about portability of concerned devices.LED corn bulb lights with speakers especially those whit multi-color light options that add to the mood factor. 

LED tiki lights - Available in an array of different designs and sizes,choosing the right LED tiki light can uplift the spirit of your interiors to breathtakingly,Adding one tow or a few in the living room corners,corridors and balconies with a healthy mix of plants and art piecs can creat a heavenly visual effect.Bright white and yellow are best suited to LED tiki lamps,but if you are a little adventurous,you can try other warmer or cooloer hues or multicolor bulbs as well. 

LED tape lights- if you are bored with the conventional coiled LED bulbs, this maybe the best time to try the LED tape lights.Also know as LED strip lights, these options are extremely suitable for both dry and wet spaces making them safe and alluring at the same time,The most interesting part is,you can put them up in just about any way you please to create a unique personalized effect. 


LED flood lights - Flood lgihts or LED high bay lights can be a welcome addition to add character to your entry points,Thse days, you can buy  these illumination solutions with added security features like motion sensors and alarm systems that can maximize the safety quotient of your premises while making it visually appealing. 


Color changing/dimming LED- 

Color changing dimmable LED lights till date have been widely used to maximize the appeal of art pieces especially those that grace the walls.Color changing remote controlled dimmable LED wall pack lights can be mentioned in this respect.These options are not only very easily available but are affordable as well,A couple of them installed in opposite walls(or to your preference) are all you need to create a statement.

LED antique lights-

Antique LED lights are perhaps the best addition to your interiors especially if you wish to draw the attention of people away from everything boring and mundane within the premises,These lights sport a typically early 1900's look and are best when used in bunches in chosen spots,Antique LED light bulbs in strings are currently vry popular in doing up exteriors like porch,pool areas etc. 


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