Correct expression of poultry light

Correct expression of poultry light

  • 2020-05-20
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Correct expression of poultry light

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  • 2020-05-20
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  1. A question that needs to be reconsidered
    Photometric flux parameters, the international standard is defined as: according to the role of radiation to CIE standard photometric observer, derived from radiation flux Ф e light measurement, unit is the flow (lm).
    Notice that the observer here is human, that is to say, the luminous flux is the visual response of human eyes to the radiation of light. When studying, since the object of light source is human itself, it is often ignored that the luminous flux in photometry can only be applied to human eyes.
    Precisely because of this, often can produce cognitive errors, because when observed under the light source plants and animals, will think of plants and animals feel light and our people, please note that you are only an observer, in most cases, people use the light source just to look at these animals, it is easy to mistake the animals like you see also see you and the surrounding material.
    So what is the light that plants and animals experience? Or what do the light receptors of plants and animals experience? The answer here is a complete yes. It's completely different.
    There is also the issue of light color, light color is only the expression of human vision, and no other expression.
    From the physical point of view, light itself has no color, because color is defined by human beings, and this understanding of the nature of light is not established, it is difficult to study the application of biocoptics.
    As for the study of plants and animals' perception of light, bio-optics only focuses on the study of light receptors, which has nothing to do with human eyes. However, when we write the paper, we still describe the situation observed by human eyes, that is, the perception of human eyes. This is because language itself is for the communication between people.
    This leads us to believe that plants and animals experience the same amount and color of light, which most people easily misperceive.

How is the flux of the light source calculated
For human eyes, the luminous flux is calculated by integrating the wavelength according to the product of the spectral radiation power of the light source and the visual effect function of human eyes.


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