LED Learning Center Part 2

LED Learning Center Part 2

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LED Learning Center Part 2

(Summary description)LED Learning Center Part 2

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Technical Things To Consider & Glossary Of Key Terms:

What are lumens?


Luminous flux or lumen is the actual light output and the most important thing to condider when buying LEDlights,Figure out how many lumens you need first and then buy watts accordingly.Technically Luminous Flux is the power or energy that radiates per second in all directions from a light emitting body is called the luminous flux and its SI unit is Lumen(lm).


What is LUX(lx) or foot candle power (fc)?

Lux is the SI unit of luminous emittance,It measures the recorded luminous flux per unit area of a certain life source,Foot Candle is also a unit used to measure the illuminance or intensity of visible light ,but it does not belong to the system international.


What is Kelvin?

Commonly called Kelvin or scientifically called Correlated color Temperature (CCT)it can be defined as specifying the color appearance of a light emitted by a light source and relating it to the color of light emitted from a standard or reference source .The reference source is the temperature is to be measured in degrees Kelvin ,It gives an indication of an LED's general appearance or hue of the light itself.It does not affect the amount of light, just the color. 


The list looks like this:

2700K-very warm color-high brownish tint 

3000K- warm white-medium brownish tint 

4000K-Neutral or natural white-we refer to this s off white.Mostly white which just a tint of yellow t osoften it,Many find this a good compromise when someone feels the 5000K is too bright.Great compromise choice in UFO high bay lights or office environments. 

5000K- Bright white or daylight color-pure white ,no other colors in the spectrum .Our most pupular color for larger applications from agarage lights up to industrial like LED parking lot lights or other large area outdoor lighting.

5500K - Adds blue to the color and thus light however can be harsh to the eyes.For this reason, we do not recommend any lights above 5000K. The American Medical Association or AMA has recommended that the blue spectrum can even cause health issues,Check out their research before ordering 5700K or higher. 

6000K - addes heavier blue to the light spectrum,Not typically used or recommended in regular lighting,Cool for car accent lights just not for regular lighting.   


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