Suggestions for the vitality of Qingdao from the light show to develop the city's night economy

Suggestions for the vitality of Qingdao from the light show to develop the city's night economy

  • 2020-05-21
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Suggestions for the vitality of Qingdao from the light show to develop the city's night economy

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  • 2020-05-21
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In recent years, Qingdao has implemented a large-scale urban lighting project, especially the lighting of several high-rise buildings along the coast. The city light show landscape has been praised by domestic and foreign media and tourists, and has become the web celebrity landmark of Qingdao city, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. However, how to make sustainable use of the city light show to promote the economic prosperity and development of fashion night is a proposal put forward by guo zhandong, a member of the Qingdao CPPCC and deputy chairman of the Qingdao municipal committee of the zhigong party.

Manage the quality of both hands from the light show to build the night economy consumption framework
"As a tourist city, Qingdao's night economic development model has been relatively weak compared with xiamen, wuhan, hangzhou and other cities. Although in recent years, Qingdao city has implemented a large-scale urban lighting project to promote the development of night economy, the single mode of "barbecue + beer" at night makes the carrier of night economy development relatively weak, with scattered outlets and a lack of content, lacking the "flash point" that can drive the overall situation and attract tourists and citizens. To this end, Qingdao CPPCC member guo zhendong suggested from the source of standardized management, to improve the quality, especially to coordinate the city's coastal first-line building lighting show broadcast and content. On the one hand, it should not only reflect the overall characteristics of Qingdao, but also highlight the unique charm of different urban areas and blocks, and reflect the unity and difference. On the other hand, it is necessary to make full use of the urban landscape lighting show, and giving full play to the advantages of good landscape of city lights show drainage, integration of existing tour consumption resources, through the establishment of global tourism, Qingdao light show full-time tourism, the city of fashion consumption framework, create characteristic of Qingdao city nightlife brand, further promoting the development of Qingdao fashion night economic prosperity.

Show a light show to cultivate Qingdao elements
Each city has its own characteristics. Guo zhendong, a member of the Qingdao CPPCC, believes that to improve the development model of Qingdao's night economy, it is necessary to give play to the function of light show as a calling card of the city and build landmark scenic spots at night. "We should start from improving the model and cultivating characteristics. Comprehensive consideration should be given to the geographical location of commercial development blocks, the surrounding economic environment and the needs of tourists, so as to clarify the functional positioning and management and operation positioning, encourage dislocation operation, realize characteristic operation, complement each other's advantages, and encourage differentiated and personalized development. By drawing on the experience of xiamen, wuhan, hangzhou and other outstanding lighting projects, the exhibition forms an organic whole with the facade of Qingdao's buildings, pays attention to the integration of the city, architecture and environment, and makes the light show become a popular window for Qingdao to gather people and enhance the experience and resonance of tourists. Enrich the display content of the light show, use the exhibition of selected scenic spots, folk culture, traditional festivals and other ways to show the characteristics of Qingdao elements with The Times, highlight the culture of mountains and seas, Olympic culture, fashion culture, publicity of the city's development achievements in building an international metropolis. We will also adjust the display content and frequency of lights according to different seasons, fully consider the big data of tourists and the law of people flow, reasonably arrange the display time, give full play to the brand effect and agglomeration effect, set off the atmosphere and attract people, and avoid waste."

Launch a series of night activities to create a vibrant Qingdao
"Hold a meeting well, liven a city". In order to stimulate the original strength of Qingdao and inject new vitality into it, so as to make the vitality of the city keep flowing and full of vitality, it is necessary to continuously carry out corresponding night activities.

Guo zhendong, a CPPCC member in Qingdao, said that the lighting project not only reflects the connotation and deposits of a city, but also shows the vitality and vitality of a city. "To further refine designs city-lighting project function and position of the core engine for stimulating night culture consumption, needs through designs city-lighting project revitalize the Olympic sailing center, the May 4th square, Hong Kong road, taitung nightlife consumers such as circle, combining designs city-lighting according to different people different nighttime activities, such as through the construction of the runway at night to night runner provides space and combine with Qingdao exhibition activities launched at night at the venue for business people to provide leisure negotiation venues and a series of rich cities at night at night activity, stimulate the city lights show the interactive dynamic landscape and offline consumption, Make the city light up project from static single to keep pace with The Times "move", "live" rise.
And the name card of a city and vigor still cannot leave propaganda to promote. Commissioner Guo Zhendong Suggestions, as the age of the Internet to play a "+" Internet platform, new media, traditional media, such as mutual understanding, highlights to Qingdao light show as a landmark of the city to promote online and offline linkage, complement each other, mutual confluence of promotion channels, expanding social influence and reputation of Qingdao city brand. By conducting travel agency launched "Qingdao night flash" products, CCTV city Qingdao night view short video advertising promotional channels, launched on the trill "is the most beautiful night of Qingdao"


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