What is color rendering index (CRI)?

What is color rendering index (CRI)?

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What is color rendering index (CRI)?

(Summary description)What is color rendering index (CRI)?

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What is color rendering index (CRI)?


When comparing how a certain light source makes a color appear to the human eye,as comparedd to a rferenc light source.Some light sources ae very heavy n certain spectrum such as 400-600nm and thus do not show colors well.We use a scale of 0-100 maximum in order to determine how accurately the given source renders the color to the standard one, that is called color rendering index or CRI for short. 

Incandescent is the stadard here with a near perfect 99 score .HPS is about 25 and metal halide about 50,LEDs today are 70-95 which is in the good to excellent range,Note that CRI is being phased out for R9 because CRI does not include the full green and red spectrum in the 600-800nm space.R9is more complete.

For most fixtures,like LED Wall Packs or LED parking Lot lights typically, 70+ is considered good.80+is great and 90+ is excellent. 


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