led rigid light bar laminate LED cabinet light

led rigid light bar laminate LED cabinet light

  • 2019-12-02
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led rigid light bar laminate LED cabinet light

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  • 2019-12-02
  • Views:7
Product name: LED recessed cabinet light
Product model: YC-HJD-2835-120NW
LED quantity: 120 / m
Specifications: L1000 Custom * W13 * 12H MM
Luminous color: white / warm white / neutral white
Illumination angle: 120 degrees
Aluminum plate width: 8mm
Working voltage: DC 12V
Rated power: 10W / M
Luminous flux: 900lm
Product material: PCB board
Lamp bead parameters: SMD2835 light source
Chip maker: Epistar
Control chip: None
Control method: external transformer
Installation method: Shelf recess is hidden
Waterproof rating: IP20 is not waterproof
Packaging specifications: bubble bag export packaging
Installation and use: Please pay attention to the power failure during installation, it must be used with 12V power supply

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