Apple is promoting the Mini LED business opportunity, which benefits SAN 'an/huacan/jingdian and other manufacturers

Apple is promoting the Mini LED business opportunity, which benefits SAN 'an/huacan/jingdian and other manufacturers

  • 2020-05-22
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Apple is promoting the Mini LED business opportunity, which benefits SAN 'an/huacan/jingdian and other manufacturers

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  • 2020-05-22
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With apple's active investment, Micro LED and Mini LED have become new technologies that the entire industry has high expectations for. Although Micro LED technology is not fully mature, before entering the commercialization phase, the current GeChang are low-key training, but the vendor did not stop, as between the mature LED and the revolutionary Micro LED products, and relay the Mini LED products, has been a firm positive investment target, the entire industry is in full swing in the Mini LED development and production.
In fact, the display industry's new favorite Mini LED technology has been gradually appeared in the e-sports pen, e-sports screen and high-end TV products, consumers can already find a Mini LED backlight device in the related products of asus, acer and msi.
More to the industry's delight, apple also expects the next generation of macbooks and ipads to feature Mini LED backlighting.
Mini LED supply chain disassembly
Research institutions Chen Shuxun TrendForce analyst, said the LED manufacturers expand the capital expenditure, in Taiwan market, estimated to date at the end of the year, "Mini LED chips in Taiwan the quantity at least more than 10 billion", which drives the process of peripheral equipment business fast growth, regardless of both LED process equipment, or novel process equipment will benefit.

The Mini LED supply chain in Taiwan can be roughly divided into three segments: LED light source, equipment and manufacturing process, and components.
Part of LED light source, LED chip suppliers, including crystal electricity and 鋐 ronda, light, etc., as well as the LED assembly house light, macro together with glory and etc. As the leading LED chip manufacturer in Taiwan, jingjing is actively engaged in the development of new technologies. Recently, it has been reported that jingjing will be the most important supplier of apple's Mini LED, which makes many foreign investors pay attention to LED and display industry again.
The equipment process and component have their own challenges
In the equipment and manufacturing process, the chip detection and sorting equipment manufacturers in Taiwan are mainly whitmore, sauter and jiuyuan. According to LEDinside's analysis, "due to the large separation degree of LED specifications such as wavelength and electrical property produced by LED lei jing, it is necessary to rely on detection and sorting to provide homogeneous LED chips. In addition, the number of chips used by Mini LED has increased significantly, so the production capacity of detection and sorting is very critical."
And this is why Whitman outshine others in the Mini LED equipment supply chain, Whitman is mainly specialized in LED sorting machine, the machine equipment sales, research and development, as a result of Whitman high precision equipment and capacity advantages, attract the Mini LED chip manufacturers and OEM cooperation, Mini LED wheater in Taiwan area detection and sorting the city accounted for more than eighty percent of the market.
It is reported that Whitaker has become the exclusive supplier of apple's Mini LED point test and sorting equipment. As apple will launch the MacBook and iPad Pro with Mini LED, the legal person is expected to contribute 8 ~ 9 to Whitaker EPS in 2021 plus Mini LED performance


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