China lighting plans to launch a comprehensive live broadcast sales work

China lighting plans to launch a comprehensive live broadcast sales work

  • 2020-05-22
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China lighting plans to launch a comprehensive live broadcast sales work

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  • 2020-05-22
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On the morning of May 18, foshan TV station held the release ceremony of foshan industry talent training. Its subsidiary projects, foshan web celebrity electronic business school, foshan short video production, learning and research base and foshan beauty makeup e-commerce live broadcast base, held the listing ceremony. Foshan lighting (000541) e-commerce channel director Chen wenji was invited to attend the release ceremony.
It is learned that in the first quarter of 2020, due to the covid-19 epidemic, China's employment market climate index declined significantly, but the "home economy" rose in the opposite direction. According to the spring broadcast industry talent report 2020 released by zhaopin.com, the number of livestreaming related job openings increased by 83.95 percent and 132.55 percent in the first month after the Spring Festival in 2020.
Foshan television via web celebrity "foshan industry talent cultivation plan" industry new pattern, form a supply chain web celebrity + short video content + + industry live electrical business solutions, foshan electrical business school web celebrity, foshan, a short video production base and foshan beauty makeup electricity live base was founded, will better make foshan brand, promoting the development of foshan economy with high quality. Li xiangui, party secretary and director of foshan TV station, said associations and enterprises should seize the opportunity to fully embrace the new economic model of live broadcasting.

Chen wenji, director of e-commerce channel of foshan lighting, attended the launch ceremony and made a speech on behalf of the company: "foshan lighting bases itself on foshan, sets its eyes on the world, relies on the industrial foundation of foshan, constantly excavates consumer demand, and upgrades and innovates its products; On the other hand, we keep pace with The Times, embrace the Internet, build web celebrity products and innovate the sales model. Since the end of last year, we have been setting up a professional live broadcasting team and creating a live broadcasting room within the company. Now we have started regular live broadcasting sales. We are also actively cooperating with major e-commerce platforms and major professional live-streaming companies. Next, we plan to fully carry out live broadcast sales from the headquarters of the company to the major distribution outlets from top to bottom, with the purpose of seizing new consumption habits and opening up the last kilometer of sales through the Internet and we media." Previously, foshan lighting also sent anchors to participate in the intensive training on live streaming and short videos, so as to improve their professional ability and quality.

The host talent also showed the foshan lighting "mingyue intelligent bedside lamp" on the spot, which won the German if design award as a fashion single product. With its 16 million light and color transformation, wireless charging, embedded Tmall spirit and other functions, it "captured" the guests' affection on the spot.
Live broadcast marketing in the industry quickly staged, live investment, live live selling, live distributor meeting and other forms began to be popular online, but also further mature lighting market live broadcast economy. As a representative of the foshan local outstanding enterprises, foshan lighting will be in the wave of live catch "discourse", proactive, live by electricity, and other new media in the form of electricity, power make live "ecosystem", multi-channel show good corporate image, enhance brand comprehensive influence, promote the development of foshan economy high quality!


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