When were LEDs invented?

When were LEDs invented?

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When were LEDs invented?

(Summary description)When were LEDs invented?

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When were LEDs invented?

LED lights in a basic diode form were discovered back in 1962 in the emerging semiconductor world.It was not for a few decades that LEDs as light bulbs and fixtures as we know them ttoday were developed,it required a few more inventions, namely the blue colors tomake them usable as a light source and some significant cost reductions.By 2008, the packed LED bulbs arrived in stores, with large scale adoption happening about 5-8 years later. By 2018 with competitive prices and government energy mandates, LEDs outsold other bulbs for the first time in the USA. 

The LED Future 

LEDs are amazing inventions and changing how we use energy and light every day.With light being a constant in our lives, it's important to understand how LED lights work and what to look for when buying.Whether it is an everyday LED bulb for your kitchen or an E39 LED Bulb for an industrial application, you need to be educated and we are here to help. It is better to be informed than to go in the market blank and end up regretting what you purchase.

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