The two sessions will focus on the "night economy" to promote high-quality development

The two sessions will focus on the "night economy" to promote high-quality development

  • 2020-05-25
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The two sessions will focus on the "night economy" to promote high-quality development

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  • 2020-05-25
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As an economic form, "night economy" takes local residents and tourists from other places as the main consumer, mainly the service industry and cultural industry of the tertiary industry, and leisure, tourism, culture, catering and shopping as the main forms. It is mainly a variety of business and consumption activities from 18:00 on the same day to 6:00 in the morning of the next day. At present, "night economy" has become an important index to measure the vitality of the city, urban consumption "new blue sea".
On May 21, the National People's Congress and the Chinese people's political consultative conference (NPC and CPPCC) in 2020 kicked off. Whether it is the local two sessions or the ongoing national two sessions, a number of members on how to boost consumption, promote economic and social recovery and development proposals, from many aspects for the "night economy" recovery and development.

Mu kefa, member of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) : adding fire to the night economic recovery
"Promoting night economic recovery can not only effectively enhance the vitality of the city and stimulate urban consumption, but also boost market confidence and consumer demand. It is particularly urgent and important in the context of a normal fight against the epidemic." At the third session of the 13th national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), mukefa made a special proposal.
According to the survey and interview before the meeting, mukefa found that with the comprehensive promotion of the resumption of business of life service enterprises, local governments further stimulated the release of residents' consumption potential by issuing consumption vouchers and other measures, the night markets in major cities, which had been silent for several months, gradually became lively. But compared with the level of prosperity before, there is still a significant gap, the full recovery of the night economy still faces many difficulties and shortcomings.
Jose can send Suggestions, provide "warmer" night recovery policy supply, the implementation of the fine introduced is the accelerate the economic development of the implementation opinions at night, in the hold firmly grasp the real fine public health security at the same time, through the orderly open "placement" limit, strengthen traffic at night form a complete set, effective measures such as increasing the number of temporary parking lot at night, further create a good environment for consumption.
"Businesses and businesses should also seek opportunities in the face of the pandemic, seize opportunities to strengthen weak links and enhance their attractiveness." Mukofa proposed to combine local cultural tourism characteristics to further enrich the consumption format and create more good places for tourists and citizens to "get up", "remember" and "spread word of mouth", so as to better meet the consumption needs of people of different ages to relax themselves, pursue new knowledge and entertainment. Focus on the main force of night consumption -- the youth group, and encourage shopping malls, restaurants and bookstores to launch fashion shopping night, museum night, bar festival, market festival, late-night bookstore week and other special activities, so as to add a "fire" to night consumption.


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