2020 government work report|These involve the "light and wisdom sticks of the cultural brigade".

2020 government work report|These involve the "light and wisdom sticks of the cultural brigade".

  • 2020-05-25
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2020 government work report|These involve the "light and wisdom sticks of the cultural brigade".

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  • 2020-05-25
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Chinese premier li keqiang delivers a report on the work of the government on behalf of the state council at the opening of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing, capital of China, May 22, 2018. The full text of this year's government work report is more than 10,000 words. In order to have a direct understanding of the government work report,

Secondly, in the report on the work of the state council in 2020, there are 9 key parts concerning the cultural, tourism and urban-rural development:
1. We will step up efforts to reduce taxes and fees. Early for tax cuts expire before the June JiangFei policies, including micro, small and medium enterprises shall be exempted old-age, unemployment and inductrial injury insurance unit pay cost, small-scale taxpayers relief VAT shall be exempted from public transportation, catering accommodation, tourism, entertainment, culture and sports services such as VAT, breaks the civil aviation development fund, port construction fee, execution period all extend to the end of the year.
2. Promote a rebound in consumption. We will increase incomes and ensure people's wellbeing by ensuring steady employment, and raise people's willingness and ability to spend. We will support the recovery and development of catering, shopping malls, culture, tourism and household services, and promote the integration of online and offline services. We will develop old-age and child-care services. Upgrade the pedestrian street. We will support the entry of e-commerce and express delivery services into rural areas and expand rural consumption. We need to take multiple measures to expand consumption and meet the diverse needs of the people.
3. We will implement measures to combat poverty and revitalize rural areas, ensure the supply of important agricultural products, and improve farmers' living standards.
4. Resolutely winning the battle against poverty. We will intensify efforts to combat poverty in remaining poor counties and villages, and ensure that migrant workers find steady employment where they are employed. We will launch a campaign to alleviate poverty through consumption and support the recovery and development of poverty-alleviation industries. We will strengthen follow-up support for the relocation of people from inhospitable areas. We will deepen coordination between the eastern and western regions in poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation by central government units. We will strengthen support for those in need. We will carry out a general survey of poverty alleviation efforts. We will effectively coordinate efforts to lift people out of poverty with efforts to revitalize rural areas and make every effort to lift them out of poverty and bring them closer to prosperity
5. Enriching the people's spiritual and cultural life. We will foster and practice core socialist values, and develop philosophy and the social sciences, the press and publishing, radio, film and television, and cultural relics. We will strengthen public cultural services, organize the Beijing winter Olympics and paralympics, and promote fitness for all so that the whole society will be full of vitality and become better.


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