Light of wisdom, easy to enjoy

Light of wisdom, easy to enjoy

  • 2020-05-25
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Light of wisdom, easy to enjoy

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  • 2020-05-25
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With the rapid rise of big data and the Internet of things, the penetration rate of Chinese families in the field of smart home is also rising. Lighting as an indispensable part of household life, intelligent upgrade is particularly important. The philips research team has always been committed to innovation, combining user needs, lighting applications and insight into The Times to enable LED lighting products. The smart wi-fi LED series of new products was launched with four functions of convenient control, schedule, atmosphere building and circadian rhythm, so as to create more possibilities for home smart lighting.
The new philips smart wi-fi LED series products have taken easy installation and easy control as the core pain points since the research and development of them -- wi-fi direct connection, no need for bridge, you can easily start to control after downloading the WiZ APP. In addition, you can connect smart sprites to your home assistant for voice control. The whole room lights a "should" readily available, everyone can easily enjoy the convenience of intelligent lighting.
Intelligent LED lighting products meet multiple daily needs. From clear white light to warm yellow light, philips smart wi-fi LED series products provide rich intelligent "light formula" for daily life. Just create a schedule on the WiZ APP and select the desired lighting mode, and the lighting can be automatically switched on time, so that the home life is orderly, efficient and comfortable.
Besides the illume that satisfies to daily life supports, household life also needs profusion colour from time to time. The new philips smart wi-fi LED series products support 16 million color changes. The WiZ APP has built-in static atmosphere modes such as relaxation mode, romantic mode, jungle mode and dynamic light effect, bringing an immersive light effect atmosphere for home life.

More it is worth mentioning, lighting light formula, philips intelligent wi-fi LED series products can also be manually or automatically adjust the intensity of illumination and color temperature change, precise matching and healthy habits that meet the needs of the light pattern, with circadian rhythm function helps the body for healthy regular schedule, creating healthy and comfortable lighting environment anytime and anywhere.
Whole house lighting solution, enjoy healthy and convenient life
The new philips smart wi-fi LED series covers a wide range of home lighting products, from ceiling and down lights, which are essential for home decoration, to light belts, light bulbs and table lamps for easy installation. Rich product selection, equipped with contemporary minimalist and contemporary light luxury two mainstream home decoration style, for each home to bring exclusive whole house lighting upgrade scheme.
This series of lamps can be installed independently or together with the same series of lamps. Users can customize the personalized smart lighting scheme according to their living habits to create a proper lighting experience: set the time to get up, and gently wake up every cell of the body with the ceiling light and chandelier in the bedroom; During working hours, switch the focus mode between table light and ceiling light, and turn on the efficient state; At special moments, the light belt and table lamp with colorful atmosphere and dynamic light effect will be the biggest contributor to the surprise party.
In the future, philips wi-fi LED series can also be equipped with motion sensors, remote control and other household accessories to adapt to the use habits of different family members and bring more convenient, intelligent and healthy lighting experience to each home.
Five new philips smart wi-fi LED series products have been officially launched in philips lighting Tmall flagship store, and other online and offline channels will also be on the shelves. This line of products is another important part of our drive to drive innovation in smart home and lighting applications


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