Two big LED factories have done these big things recently!

Two big LED factories have done these big things recently!

  • 2020-05-27
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Two big LED factories have done these big things recently!

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  • 2020-05-27
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Opu lighting and huawei jointly create intelligent eye lamp Pro

Recently, opu lighting and huawei HiLink have launched the opu smart eye lamp Pro, a new product of huawei smart choice, which was officially launched on May 20 and is currently on sale. HUAWEI HiLink is HUAWEI's IoT ecosystem platform connecting partners such as excellent home appliance manufacturers in the industry. Opu lighting is a professional lighting brand, over the years developed more than 2,400 patents.
This two hand in hand to launch the eye desk lamp, not only has a more healthy and safe light source, at the same time can dynamically simulate the color of the sun, balance the daily routine. With the support and empowerment of huawei HiLink, op smart eye lamp Pro also realizes the linkage with the smart home scene, enabling users to experience intelligence at any time in their daily work, study and life, and to enjoy the convenience and beauty brought by it.
Opu said that the smart home is becoming popular, if a single product is not fully connected, with other devices linkage, its value is difficult to fully play. Through the huawei smart life APP, users can set a 45-minute care reminder to prevent children from using their eyes excessively. After joining the Hilink protocol, users can open the huawei smart life APP to view real-time data such as the distribution of learning periods. You can also set a 25-minute tomato clock reminder to improve your concentration and realize "human-lamp interaction".
It is understood that HUAWEI is one of the ecological chains of smart home lighting in China, and HUAWEI Hilink is HUAWEI's IoT ecological platform connecting partners such as home appliance manufacturers in the industry. In 2016, opm has cooperated with huawei Hilink to launch the huawei Hilink smart home ecological program. In 2018, opm entered huawei's "ten billion plan" as a strategic partner.

Tailong lighting plans to acquire borstar asset group for 750 million yuan to enter the semiconductor field

A few days ago, tailong lighting announced that it plans to raise 420 million yuan through a non-public offering of shares for the acquisition of bosda asset group, which marks tailong lighting's entry into the field of semiconductors, and in the future, the company's two main businesses of commercial lighting and semiconductor distribution will keep pace with each other.
Announcement shows that too zhuang of the dragon, dragon lighting fitting to shenzhen loose grain growth fund management co., LTD. Management of private equity investment fund (protocol called shenzhen loose grain dragon of equity investment partnership (limited partnership), hereinafter referred to as "loose grain dragon"), a total of two specific objects non-public not more than 31746031 shares, non-public stock quantity limit does not exceed 30% of the company's total equity before this offering.
The total amount of funds (including the issuance fees) to be raised in this non-public share issue is not more than RMB 420 million, which is used to acquire the asset group of borstar. The total investment of this project is estimated to be RMB 750 million. Borstar asset group is a well-known agent and distributor of electronic components in the industry. Its products are mainly used in the fields of wireless communication, consumer electronics and industrial Internet of things.
Upon the completion of the whole acquisition, tailong lighting will hold 100% equity of whole chip, 100% equity of Upkeen Global and 100% equity of Fast Achieve. Combined with direct and indirect shareholding, borstar and core electronics will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of tailong lighting upon the completion of the whole acquisition.
Poly can optoelectronics plans to raise less than 1 billion yuan for high-efficiency LED chip expansion and upgrading projects
Poly can optoelectronic disclosure of non-public stock plan. The target of this issue is not more than 35 specific investors in accordance with the provisions of the CSRC. The total amount of funds to be raised is not more than RMB 100,000.00 yuan. After deducting the issuing fees, all the funds will be used for the expansion and upgrading of high-efficiency LED chip production and the supplementary working capital.
Poly can optoelectronic said that the issue


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