"Architectural lighting design standards" was renamed "architectural interior lighting design standards"

"Architectural lighting design standards" was renamed "architectural interior lighting design standards"

  • 2020-05-27
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"Architectural lighting design standards" was renamed "architectural interior lighting design standards"

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  • 2020-05-27
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"Architectural lighting design standards" GB 50034 comprehensive revision, its review of the end of the submission of the review meeting recently, smoothly passed the expert review, and renamed "architectural interior lighting design standards". Review expert thinks, this standard whole technology achieves international advanced level.
The standards compilation team has conducted extensive investigation and research, carried out a number of special technical studies, earnestly summarized the previous engineering practice experience, referred to and absorbed IEC, CIE and other relevant international standards and foreign advanced standards, reflecting the current lighting technology and technology, a lot of new ideas, worthy of attention!
Compared with the original standard, the new standard mainly complements, improves and improves the following technical problems:
The efficiency value of the lamp is improved.
The limit value of illumination power density is reduced.
The performance of LED lamp, the choice of driving power and the technical requirements of application are added.
The technical indexes of healthy lighting are added, such as lighting comfort, blue light hazard, stroboscopic and flashing, non-visual effect, etc.
The technical content of intelligent lighting control system has been improved and improved.
Added lighting dc power supply technology content;
Added Ethernet lighting power supply technology content and so on. The new standard focuses on the requirements of building interior lighting design, and appropriately includes relevant outdoor lighting clauses. It is an application standard that reflects the technological progress of The Times and helps the healthy development of China's building lighting.


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