Data Cable & Power Cable

Data Cable & Power Cable

  • 2020-05-29
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Data Cable & Power Cable

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  • 2020-05-29
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We will give you the QTY. of each cable need, once get known of your projects.


Other device/tool need for local assembly

* Tools: Screw Driver, Multi-meter


Control System (controller box, sending card & receiving card)

* The brands of controller/card depends on the customer preferences. If no special requirement, we will recommend the most cost-efficient model to our clients.

* The controlling pixel pitch qty. of those devices.

Each model of the controller/card has its max loading pixel pitch quantity (LED quantity).  We learn before that the different pixel pitch LED display modules vary a lot.

How many control card need for a LED display screen depends on the Pixel Density and the control card's spec.

The control card's Loading Capacity should bigger than the Pixel Density of your LED display screen.

Below picture show the Pixel Density for different LED Display Modules.



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