Stronger together - we remain operational 

Stronger together - we remain operational 

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Stronger together - we remain operational 

(Summary description)Stronger together - we remain operational 

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Stronger together - we remain operational 


Today we are more together than ever. Our internatinal light teams are adapting to new ways of working, to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all our colleagues, clients and contacts.Our offices and production sites remain operational.We are strgoner together,even when apart.

Your projects are in good hands with our teams


Many of our employees are currently working from home, 100% dedicated to your projects.We continue to work as usual and are open for your questions.During these times we stay connected with you and with each other, by phone, e-mail,Wechat, and skype

For more detail please contact :joe@tonghuilighting.cn ,vicky@tonghuilighting.cn

Telephone No. : 0086-15753273917, 0086-15318718647




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E-mail: info@tonghuilighting.cn

ADD: No. 1, Guiding Road, Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

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