Color effect analysis of fluorescence microscope

Color effect analysis of fluorescence microscope

  • 2020-06-05
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Color effect analysis of fluorescence microscope

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  • 2020-06-05
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1. In this paper,
Because of the difference between emission wavelength and illumination wavelength, color difference plays an important role in reflective fluorescence microscope. On the other hand, this kind of microscope system often USES high numerical aperture objective lens. Therefore, vector effects must be considered in performance analysis. In VirtualLab Fusion, the full-vector analysis of the color effects of a high numerical aperture objective can be performed. We evaluated the performance of the example patent objective lens.

2. Modeling tasks

3. Performance of illumination wavelength of 473nm

4. Performance of transmitting wavelength at 568nm

5. Performance around emission wavelength of 568±30nm

6.Walk into VirtualLab Fusion

7.VirtualLab Fusion workflow

8.VirtualLab Fusion Technology


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