Lighting Optical design - Algorithms

Lighting Optical design - Algorithms

  • 2020-06-06
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Lighting Optical design - Algorithms

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  • 2020-06-06
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Share some understanding of lighting optical design algorithm design as follows:
1, it can be simplified, without calculus, directly apply the formula calculated by predecessors can be;
2, calculate the curve coordinate point, in fact, is to solve the binary first order equation, and the solution can be calculated by MATLAB;
3. It takes time to get started and explain a "quiet". But once you master this method, simple design is very fast.
Algorithm design is divided into three stages:
First: entry-level, simple product design;
Second: elementary, the understanding to the light path playing method;
Third: advanced, design a set of feedback design debugging, according to the target light spot adjustment, such as: a certain area of light spot light or dark, more or less of this part of the energy redistribution, without affecting the illumination trend of other areas;


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