Low Radiated Heat 

Low Radiated Heat 

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Low Radiated Heat 

(Summary description)Low Radiated Heat 

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Low Radiated Heat 


While an incandescent bulb operates by heating its filament to a temperature that produces light, an LED bulb emits electromagnetic energy as light when electrified,By turning energy into light instead of heat (rather than using heat to generate light). LEDs are able to operate at a significantly lower temperature than other types of light bulbs.

What little heat LEDs do generate is dissipated by a special heat sink, which is designed to absorb any heat and disperse it safely away from the diodes.While the actual fixture or base can feel warm to the touch ,LEDs themselves don't emit infrared radiation in their beam, meaning there si no warmth to it.This makes them optimal for use in heat-sensitive areas, such as displaying artwork because tehy won't cause fading or other heat damage to paints or dyes.


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