The LED logic behind the street stall economy

The LED logic behind the street stall economy

  • 2020-06-08
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The LED logic behind the street stall economy

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  • 2020-06-08
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On this year's national two sessions, the topic of the street economy caused hot discussion. The government work report also pointed out that we should ensure stable employment, increase incomes, and ensure people's wellbeing, and improve people's willingness and ability to consume.
At present, the Central civilization has clearly required that occupation, street markets and itinerant vendors should not be included in the evaluation and assessment of civilized cities, so as to promote the establishment of civilized cities and restore economic and social order. At the close of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress on May 28, premier li keqiang took the lead in loosening the "street economy" in some cities when answering reporters' questions.
According to incomplete statistics, at least 27 cities, including Chengdu, Hefei, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Changchun, Shijiazhuang, Qingdao, Yichang and Shaanxi, have explicitly encouraged the development of the local economy. Many cities have adapted to local conditions by allowing temporary businesses to cross the street and setting up itinerant vendors' stalls, thus invigorating urban consumption. The local economy plays a great role in promoting economic vitality and solving employment problems.
It is worth mentioning that "street stall economy" is not limited to "street stall". From Shanghai held its first expression in the Shanghai nightlife section about it can be seen that Shanghai authorities said - will be on June 6, held its first Shanghai nightlife section on June 30, will revolve around "night to buy food,, night night, night entertainment, night show, night reading" such as the theme, launched Shanghai section bar, dining room in the middle of the night, the bookstore in the middle of the night, shopping sleepless night, night LIVE show features more than 180 activities such as Shanghai, which involves multiple industries.
This means that the related derivative industrial chain of the street stall economy also deserves attention, and the LED industry is one of the derivative industrial chains of the street stall economy. The rise of street stall economy not only activates the urban night lighting economy, but also brings new business opportunities.
According to media reports, zhang Guangrong, a street vendor who joined the trend in March, sets up his stall with not only goods but also the necessary LEDS


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