LED display big change

LED display big change

  • 2020-06-08
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LED display big change

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  • 2020-06-08
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In the LED display market in 2020, everything is changing quietly. No matter the manufacturers in each link of the industrial chain, or the agents and distributors of the major display manufacturers, they all feel the sense of "oppression" brought by such changes.
Every order will be contested, strict control of spending has become the norm.
Over the past year, the LED display industry has continued to grow at double-digit rates, with small space displays growing at a compound annual rate of more than 40 percent. LED display head enterprises are not so urgent for some projects with low gross margin in 2019.
Becoming more thirsty and Wolf is undoubtedly the self-preservation after the market competition becomes more intense in the post-2020 epidemic period.
In the past few years of high growth of LED display, the contradictions between various industrial chains and the in-depth exploration of the downstream application market have been masked by such high growth. These contradictions were also triggered by the harsh post-epidemic market environment in 2020.
Many export-oriented display enterprises began to dig deep channels in the domestic market, and new products and applications such as conference all-in-one machines and transparent screens were deeply explored. In addition, chip and packaging enterprises in the middle of the industrial chain have invested heavily in the field of Mini/MicroLED, and built and expanded several production lines.
Taken together, these changes show that LED displays have begun to move away from the kind of extensive operations of the past few years. This is a big change in the LED display market, but also announced in 2020, the LED industry a big turning point.


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