Lot-rs optical tweezers Raman spectrum testing system

Lot-rs optical tweezers Raman spectrum testing system

  • 2020-06-09
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Lot-rs optical tweezers Raman spectrum testing system

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  • 2020-06-09
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LOT - RS optical tweezers Raman test system combine optical tweezers and Raman test, applying optical tweezers that invisible hand only in Raman test, suspended in liquid phase, the light of a single particle capture, let single-celled Raman tests, a single tiny particles Raman test possible, detect imprisoned in the Raman spectrum of single particle optical trap, in capture fixed sample at the same time stimulate the Raman signal; The acquisition signal is stable, and the interference of the glass surface to the sample can be reduced. The system can screen and aggregate cells and particles to enhance the Raman signal.

The Raman optical tweezers include optical tweezers suspended and fixed particles, excitation light source to generate Raman spectrum, Raman spectrometer to detect Raman signal, and signal analysis and processing software. The system adopts an independent design scheme of light capture and light excitation. It is a high-end scientific research instrument with multi-beam coupling and multi-device integration:
1. High quality LOT - Ⅲ optical tweezers instrument about micro;
2. High stability Raman excitation light source;
3. Independent Raman excitation light source and optical tweezers capture light source design, so that Raman excitation light source and light capture can achieve a relatively small displacement, providing flexibility of a variety of experimental schemes;
4. Optical path of spectral detection adopts fiber coupling.
This system can be widely used in azo vesicles, cancer cells, hepatocytes and other single biological cell Raman test.
Optical tweezers micromanipulator is a tool used to manipulate micron particles and measure the force of leather cattle. Optical tweezers instrument is widely used in single cell single molecule biology, soft matter colloid science, physics and material science, micro-nano processing and mechanical effects of light experimental teaching. Optical tweezers instrument general control accuracy and image resolution accuracy need to reach the level of sub-micron, including students use teaching instruments, also in micron control accuracy, especially optical tweezers technology single molecule application research to achieve the measurement and resolution of sub-nano, optical tweezers instrument belongs to high precision optical precision instruments. In order to achieve the expected operating accuracy, high stability system is needed to ensure; The instrument should be easy to operate and master, so the design and manufacture of optical tweezers instrument should
Meet good stability and high precision measurement


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