How to get strated with smart lighting?

How to get strated with smart lighting?

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How to get strated with smart lighting?

(Summary description)How to get strated with smart lighting?

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How to get strated with smart lighting?


With your light bulbs intalled in their fixtures , the next steps for connecting smart bulbs are fairly standard across all brands. Different brands use sifferent terminology and different menus, but you can generally expect the process to look something like this:


1. install the app, information about the appropriate app to install will be included in the package instructions.

2. after downloading and installing the app you will need to log in create an account

3. select add a new device to the app.Where this is found will depend on the phone or tablet you are using.

4. turn on the lamp.It should blink several times.

5. Follow the prompts in the app or aks your smart speaker to discover the smart light bulbs.

6. It may then ask you to assign bulbs to a room, to name them, and apply any available automations to them. 


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