Collection of the week's news

Collection of the week's news

  • 2020-06-16
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Collection of the week's news

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  • 2020-06-16
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Secretary of the Board of Directors of Guoxingguang Power disclosed that the company's Micro LED research and development is progressing as planned, and 13 Micro LED patents have been applied so far.
According to media reports, CLP Panda's panel production line will be split between BOE and TCL Technology. Xu Guozhong, general manager of East China Science and Technology, made the official response. (Details stamp!)
To keep up with the market demand, Qiangju Color recently launched the "Stall setting magic device" -- outdoor P5 multi-functional advertising screen, which is waterproof, moisture-proof and highly stable, and can meet the needs of multi-scene stall setting.
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has confirmed that Samsung And LG have agreed to drop their lawsuits against each other over QLED TV advertising and may reach a settlement, foreign media reported.
D cigna has announced that the company InV see ™ screen under camera solutions to achieve production application level. By developing and applying new transparent OLED devices, new driving circuit and pixel structure, and introducing new transparent materials, the scheme realizes the true and complete screen.
According to media reports, Hon Hai's GS-KY industry recently pointed out in a business report that the company will actively develop the Mini LED backlight module thin, and improve the optical performance.


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