Grating order analyzer

Grating order analyzer

  • 2020-06-18
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Grating order analyzer

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  • 2020-06-18
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Diffraction efficiency analysis of grating is a typical modeling task of grating. The efficiency is calculated by the Rayleigh coefficient, which is given for each diffraction order of the grating. VirtualLab Fusion calculates efficiency and Rayleigh coefficients using full-vector Fourier modal methods (FMM, also known as RCWA). With the help of the grating order analyzer, the efficiency and Rayleigh coefficients of different orders can be displayed in various ways.

• To demonstrate a one-dimensional raster profiler, we use a sine grating with HR coating.
• Raster parameters can be specified on the stack and accessed in the raster component's edit dialog.
Grating order analyzer Settings
• After the grating structure is defined, the grating order analyzer can be configured.
• Various output options can be specified.
• Double-click its component in the Optical Settings view to open the analyzer's edit dialog box.


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