What do lighting companies stand to gain after this outbreak?

What do lighting companies stand to gain after this outbreak?

  • 2020-03-28
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What do lighting companies stand to gain after this outbreak?

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  • 2020-03-28
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Lighting industry has gone through a turning point, today's enterprises should clearly remember the industry has happened some major historical events, which is not a "crisis" everywhere.

Small make up remember, in 2011, the fluorescent powder price event, Lin 'an a lot of wool tube factory overnight face bankruptcy, halogen powder have become so precious;In 2012, the lighting industry eliminated incandescent lamps, which accelerated the elimination of backward lighting production capacity and promoted the development of LED energy-saving and environmental protection products.In 2016, China ratified the minamata convention on the import and export of mercury products initiated by the United Nations.In 2016, the e-commerce dark horse product -- lighting event attracted people's attention, which let people know that the product is the essence of enterprise operation.Lighting turbulence under the environmental protection storm in 2017;The 337 patent case initiated by the United States against Chinese LED in 2018 made the industry know the importance of intellectual property and the layout of the export industry chain.2019 uv germicidal lamp anti-epidemic event...

These events show the "Matthew effect" of the industry, leaving enterprises to either fail or become stronger, these experiences make enterprises more resistant to risk, is very important and valuable.

Where do these events come from?

1. Major policies;

2. Technological change;

3. Major commercial wars;

4. Changes in the industrial chain;

5. Consumption changes;

6. Major disasters.

Every incident, the company is caught off guard.

But, all of these events are eliminated some resist risks of enterprises, can also has given rise to new forms, markets or products, such as fire prevention has the fire light, safety traffic signal lamp, fight the virus had the germicidal lamp, myopia prevention and control of the classroom lights, disaster relief and emergency with unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) lights, emergency flashlight, social information with wisdom screen, bridge and the building lighting lamp can show pass confidence...

In the future, who has thought that our enterprise in the face of similar epidemics such as earthquake, fire, debris flow, flood, biochemical, typhoon, high temperature, freezing and other natural disasters, or the above mentioned when a major event came, has a strong anti-risk ability.

According to xiaobian, this outbreak can at least help us to accumulate some useful experience:

1, the factory director is not limited to daily management, "war" can also be a dragon to achieve product orders, such talent is really how valuable.Almost a person is a team, a person is an enterprise.

2, the employee's insurance really can't save, don't think of it until something happens.

3, the enterprise's emergency system is not only safety production, fire drill, such as emergency supply chain system, emergency information management system, emergency technology and business system, emergency disaster system...Don't wait for something to happen.

4. Cash flow is really important.

5, there is no real channel customers (partners) as your own enterprise's ability to resist risk, greed for more will only be caught in a dilemma.

6. If you can't do the whole industry chain, you need to understand that the key supply chain is often more important than the customer.

7, valuable to the society of small and fine products, do not be discouraged, in fact, you really than simple ordinary goods more valuable, more meaningful.

8. Keep your nose to the grindstone and look up at the road.After reviewing Marx's remarks on capital, we should know that some money cannot be earned.

9, online office is impossible to become a reality, let all the enterprises do not accept new things directly forced, this is not dare to try, do not dare to break through the solidified "tianguo" thinking, the market does not eliminate you eliminate who.

10. Online sales promotion and live streaming just want to tell you to keep pace with The Times and not to be left behind.

11, the right amount of inventory is not a bad thing, customer structure is also important.


These may make us understand that in addition to the commercial value of bringing people a bright life, the lamp can also have the social value of saving people in danger.The so-called natural selection, the survival of the fittest, not speculation and temporary legs.What we need to do is look behind every incident and realize that we can do something useful for society besides surviving and making money, and re-examine the value of the lamp.(Reprint)

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