How does colour rendering work? 

How does colour rendering work? 

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How does colour rendering work? 

(Summary description)How does colour rendering work? 

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How does colour rendering work? 

The colours that we see are the result of the visible light spectrum,The sun sends down white light that contains red , orange ,yellow ,green ,blue and violet wavelengths, When sunlight hits an object, the object absorbs these coloured wavelengths and bounces back any that it doesn't need ,The colour that bounces back is the colour that object appears (or is rendered) to our eyes.For example, a tree absorbs all of the colours except for green-this is why it appears green to our eyes.A red apple appears red because that is the colour wavelength it doesn't absorb. 

A light bulb with a  high CRI index contains the same colour wavelengths as sunlight, or a close approximation to them and that is why the colours appear more accurate,White light bulbs with lower CRI ratings are most commonly missing or have a poor approximation of the red, orange, or yellow wavelengths. 


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