When is CRI important? 

When is CRI important? 

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When is CRI important? 

(Summary description)When is CRI important? 

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When is CRI important? 

High CRI is not necessary for every single lighting applicaton , and in fact it may even be undesirable in some situations, such as places where you desire soft warm or multi-colour ambient lighting,If you're not sure what CRI level is right for you, consider how important colour accuracy is to the space: 

In places where colour accuract is incredibly important, such as hospitals , print shops, studios, costumers, galleries, museums, and so on, select light bulbs with a CRI of 90 or higher. 


Though any score below 80 is technilcally considered poor for an average household lamp or standard office, a CRI between 89- 70 is perfectly fine,You many even want to go lower down to the 60s to achieve the ambience you are loking for , depending on the purpose of the room. 


With a CRI of 50 and lower, the light will start to render colours in a way that is noticeably unnatural to the human eye. 


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