How lighting needs to change as we age 

How lighting needs to change as we age 

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How lighting needs to change as we age 

(Summary description)How lighting needs to change as we age 

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How lighting needs to change as we age


How the eye changes 


By the time you enter your 40s, your eyes and eyesight have begun to deteriorate.You may not instantly notice a difference, but one day you mignt find yourself squinting to read a menu, perhaps needing glasses for the first time,or evem just an updated prescription to address the changes your eyes are undergoing, According to various researchers, some of the changes your eyes will experiece include:

The lens of the eye beginning to yellow and become rigid, affecting colour accuracy, making it more difficult to focus, and decreasing the light entering the eye. 

Corneas starting to become thicker and more opaque, decreasing and scattering the light entering your eye. 

Pupils starting to shrink, so less light is able to reach the retina

Ciliary muscles gradually losing strength, making it harder to focus quickly and accurately


How do these changes impact your vision? Over time-usually by the age of 65- you may notce that your eyes: 

Require more light to see cleraly 

Struggle to focus on nearby objects 

Take longer to adapt from light to dark and vice versa 

Are more sensitive to glare 

Are less sensitive to colour 

Respond slower and less accurately to visual changes, such as changes in lighting. 

Have a decreased range of peripheral vision

Thankfully, we have medical procedures and devices that can help mitigate the effects aging has on eyesight.In addition to those tools. you can also adjust your home light to alleviate some of the problems. 

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