Installation Guide of Solar Street Light

Installation Guide of Solar Street Light

  • 2020-03-30
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Installation Guide of Solar Street Light

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  • 2020-03-30
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Step 1: Inspection and testing;

1. Check if the accessories are complete,

2. Test whether the lamp is working properly.


Step 2: Assembling the lamp holder
(applicable to FB lights and NH lights);

1. Remove the three screws that fix the top cover, then fix the top cover (note the direction of the board).

2. Fix the fixing bracket with the screws from the accessory bag to the solar panel.

3. Assembly of lamp holder and solar panel.

4. Fix the lamp head on the pole according to the direction of the road.

(1)Pay attention to the horizontal angle adjustment of the solar panel. Solar panel facing south is the best direction

(2)Pay attention to the vertical angle adjustment of the board. The angle of the solar panel should equal to the local elevation angle plus 5°. For example: the installation site dimension is 30 degrees then the board angle should be 35 degrees.

(3)Caution; Tighten the non-slip screws.

(4)Precautions for daily maintenance, common faults and solutions.

Attention of Solar Street Light installation

The following matters need to be paid attention to in the daily use of solar panels:

a. Do not let hard or sharp objects hit the solar panel, otherwise the solar panel will be damaged.

b. The solar panel needs to be cleaned regularly during the use (twice a year is recommended). Keep the surface clean, otherwise it may affect the conversion efficiency.

c. Do not let other objects (such as branches, billboards, buildings, etc.) block the solar panel surface during use, otherwise the conversion efficiency will be affected.

d. The installation place is wide without blocks or no wires on above.


e. The direction and angle of the solar installation. In order to maximize the solar panel angle, please let the short side of solar panel downward.


f. Solar panel can’t be pressed by touchdown, otherwise it may cause sub fissure of solar PV


g. No metal objects near the solar lights if have motion sensor function.

h. If you install solar street lignt in the northern hemisphere, please make the solar panel towards the south. If you install Intelligent Solar Street Light in the southern hemisphere, please make the solar panels face towards to the north.

i. If install Intelligent Solar Street Light in two sides of road, please keep solar panels of two sides are the same direction.

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