How Lighting Needs To Change As We Age 

How Lighting Needs To Change As We Age 

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How Lighting Needs To Change As We Age 

(Summary description)How Lighting Needs To Change As We Age 

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How to adjust your lighting 


Keep lighting even-while you do want to make the light brighter, you do not want to creat disparities in the lgiht level from room to room.Since older eyes have difficulty adjusting to variations in light levels, keeping the light level even thoughout a home wil make it easier for older residents to navigate the space without having to pause to allow their eyes to adjust. 


Make light switches accessible- To help create even lighting and aid slow-adjusting eyes, you should also make sure that light switches are easily accessible at the entrance and exit points of every room. Installing dimmer switches is another great way to make lighting work for any member of the household, any type of activity, and any time of day espically late night trips to the bathroom. 


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