5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

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5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

(Summary description)5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room

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5 Big Tips For Lighting A Small Room 

Bulky fixtures, scarce outlets, and a lack of ceiling and wall fixtures can hinder good lighting in any space , but they can make things especially tricky in a small room.

Lighting is key to making a small space seeme bigger than it is, as well as for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.Shine some light into your cozy nooks, your vertically-challenged loft spaces, your tiny cubbyhole of a bed, powder , or living room with these tips:

1. Utilize low - profile wall and overhead fixtures

In tight rooms, and especially those with low ceilings ,limit your lamp selection to slim fixtures that add illumination without intruding too much into the space.Low - profile wall and ceiling lamps such as recessed lamps or down lights, track lighting, LED panels ,wall sconces and LED light strips are ideal for this, as they are often capable of providing a high level of light without too much crowding.They also save you the effort of trying to create space at floor level for fixtures.

LED ligth strips or rope lights

work best when they are concealed under coving, cabinets, toe kicks, and furniture.These type of lights take up very little space and provide excellent ambient lighting to the room.


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