Application of Wide voltage Input NU510 in high - end strip lamp module

Application of Wide voltage Input NU510 in high - end strip lamp module

  • 2020-07-03
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Application of Wide voltage Input NU510 in high - end strip lamp module

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  • 2020-07-03
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NU510 is a low differential pressure linear LED constant-current driver chip, providing a single channel constant output current, current output range of 10 ~ 160mA, current value can be set by external resistance, 1.6~16V broad power supply design, easy power supply, single output channel, can be combined in parallel.
Characteristics of one hundred and sixty milliampere single channel constant current regulator l current by an external resistor l1.6 V ~ 16 V l support in lighting application of wide voltage range self power structure minimum 0.4 V voltage difference (80 ma) rapid current rise and fall - l l l 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ operating temperature is less than + / - 3% to the chip of current deviation less than 1% l/l V load (or lines) of regulating normal mode half 160 ° C / 115 ° C power recovery heat l protect cascade can the application of higher voltage drop

The NU510 is a medium-power linear current regulator that can be easily applied to a variety of LED lighting component applications. It is equipped with excellent characteristic load/line adjustment capability to reduce the current deviation of the chip, output current is stable in the environment of high power supply or load voltage fluctuation, and can be used for large area LED lighting source to maintain the uniformity of light intensity. The NU510 can also be used to achieve more accurate grayscale current adjustment applications for digital PWM control circuits.
1. Generally, it is recommended that the power supply voltage is less than 48V.
2. Parallel 0.1 ~ 1uF capacitor C2 at the VDD end of THE NU510 to protect the NU510 and make the work more stable.
3. It can absorb surge capacitor C1 of 10 ~ 100uF in parallel with VLED to reduce surge caused by fast current switching of parasitic inductance of power line.
4. Minimum power voltage: VLEDMIN ≥ N × VF + 0.6V VLED: DC power input, N: LED number, VF: LED forward bias.
5. Maximum power supply voltage: VLEDMAX ≦ PDMAX IOPT + N × VFT. VFT: thermally balanced LED forward bias voltage, IOPT: NU510 constant current value, PDMAX: ultimate dissipated power (at ambient temperature of 25°C), SOT 236 PDMAX = 0.4W, MSOP 8 PDMAX = 0.7W, SOP 8 PDMAX = 1W.
6. Suggested power supply voltage: VLEDRMP ≦ PDRMP IOPT + N × VFT. VFT: hot


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