5 Bigh Tips for Lighting A Small Room

5 Bigh Tips for Lighting A Small Room

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5 Bigh Tips for Lighting A Small Room

(Summary description)5 Bigh Tips for Lighting A Small Room

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4. Consider the aesthetics 


In a small room, you have to carefully consider each piece you add.After all, it is going to take up valuable space and should only be added if it will enhance the ambience of the room. Thin, low-profile lamps and fixtures are preferred, but don't be afraid to include a larger lamp if it is a decorative piece that fits with the theme of the room and helps tie it together. 

For maximum light consider including bare bulb lamps.These lamps typically take up very little space. If you light bulbs are going to be on display, look for bulbs that add visual interest, such as incandescent or LED carbon filament bulbs, coloured bulbs, or crown mirrored silver top light bulbs. 


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