OXL simplifies your work

OXL simplifies your work

  • 2020-07-06
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OXL simplifies your work

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  • 2020-07-06
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The OXL file is a file format used for data exchange in the lighting engineering field. It shows the evolution of lighting data files very well compared to OXL files such as Eulumdat, IES, Cibse TM14 in the UK, LTLI in Scandinavia and CIE 102, which are usually limited to storing luminance data

OXL files were developed by OxyTech in combination with xmL-type files and are now widely used in many areas where information transfer is essential.

One file, all information
The great innovation of THE OXL file is that it makes it possible to manage various information items, even different types and structures of information, in a single object, thus ensuring that:

Speed and simplicity

Flexibility, efficiency and practicality

Order in document management

The OXL file allows you to manage the following product information for illuminators and light sources:

Photometry and photometric parameters

Spectral and color parameters

Laboratory data, such as list of instruments used, reference criteria and uncertainties

Laboratory electrical parameters relating to lamps and light sources, including current in LED drivers

Technical data sheet data

Images in different formats


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