VirtualLab Fusion 2020.1 (Build 1.238) release notes

VirtualLab Fusion 2020.1 (Build 1.238) release notes

  • 2020-07-06
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VirtualLab Fusion 2020.1 (Build 1.238) release notes

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  • 2020-07-06
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1 VirtualLab Fusion 2020.1 (Build 1.238)
Release date: June 2020
Updated service: to the first quarter of 2020
Installation: VirtualLab Fusion 2020.1 (Build 1.238) replaces the VirtualLab Fusion Summer release (Build No need to uninstall a previous version of VirtualLab Fusion.

1.1 toolkit
• We changed our product policy on the toolbox concept. We now provide the VirtualLab Fusion platform (both base and premium). It is the basis for purchasing other toolkits (e.g., diffractive optics toolkits, waveguide toolkits).
• The VirtualLab Fusion Foundation suite includes all the capabilities of the previous Starter Toolbox and non-sequential Extension. The VirtualLab Fusion Advanced suite contains all of the previous Grating Toolbox and the VirtualLab Fusion base suite.
• The new optiSlang Bridge "toolkit" supports the automatic use of optiSlang's EA10000 (an evolutionary algorithm with 10000 iterations) in any VirtualLab Fusion setup.
• Lighting Toolbox has been renamed to Light Shaping Toolbox.


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