How do you look at the distribution curve

How do you look at the distribution curve

  • 2020-07-07
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How do you look at the distribution curve

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  • 2020-07-07
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Definition of light distribution curve:
The distribution curve is the distribution of light emitted by a light fixture or light source in space. It can record the luminous flux, number of light sources, power, power factor, size of lamps, efficiency of lamps, including the manufacturer and model of lamps. Of course, the key is to record the intensity of the light in all directions.
Classification of light distribution curves:
The distribution curve can be divided into axial symmetry, symmetry and asymmetry according to its symmetry properties.
Axial symmetry: also known as rotational symmetry, refers to all directions on the distribution curve is basically symmetric, the general downlight, mining lamps are such distribution.
Symmetry: When the light distribution of the lamps in the C0° and C180° sections is symmetric, and the light distribution in the C90° and C270° sections is symmetric, such a light distribution curve is called symmetric
Non-symmetric: refers to the light distribution asymmetry of any section of C0° -180 ° and C90° -270 °.


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