3 Basic Types of Lighting & When To Use Them

3 Basic Types of Lighting & When To Use Them

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3 Basic Types of Lighting & When To Use Them

(Summary description)3 Basic Types of Lighting & When To Use Them

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Accent Lighting 


By design, accent lighting creates a focal point. It builds upon the ambient lighting of a room by adding dimension,and can be used to draw attention to a feature, like a piece of artwork or a plant , or to high light a unique design element , like wall texture or decorative coving. 


To add drama and effectively draw the eye, accent lighting should direct at least three times as much light towards the focal point compared to the rest of the room.When done well, accent lighting draws your attention to th object or feature without drawing your attention ot how it's being lit.This and recessed lighting or wall-mounted fixtures, like picture lights and sconces,which can be angled and directed to create a spotlight. 


When lighting artwork, it's best ot use LEDs , They do not emit UV light and give off almost no heat, ensuring your painting or photography doesn't get damaged over time.Browse our selection of LEDs to find a bulb that will safely light your artwork. 




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