UV LED sterilization products under the epidemic situation, a strong breakthrough lighting market!

UV LED sterilization products under the epidemic situation, a strong breakthrough lighting market!

  • 2020-07-09
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UV LED sterilization products under the epidemic situation, a strong breakthrough lighting market!

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  • 2020-07-09
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How hot are UV LED sterilization products this year?
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, not only ventilators and other medical electronics showed explosive growth, the demand for ultraviolet sterilization lamps also soared. Uv-c leds, which promise to revolutionize sterilization and disinfection and potentially lead to safer medical facilities, are becoming mainstream and standard equipment for medical and household use.
After the outbreak of the epidemic in China in January this year, lighting enterprises led by Xinnuofo, Oslang, Snow Wright, Opu, Guangmingyuan, Laishi and Foshan Lighting launched donation activities to help Wuhan, and most of their products were mainly sterilized lamps.

Demand explosion, vendor layout
The LED industry has ushered in a new burst of demand.
This outbreak, in addition to the traditional ultraviolet UV mercury lamp manufacturers, snow Wright is influenced by the market gap and consumption habits still sought after by the market, the earnings in the ultraviolet sterilization virus market mainly by all kinds of wood VUC LED ultraviolet disinfection lamp vendors and Tomlinson, opple, foshan lighting, and can produce UVC three Ann photoelectric deep UV LED chip, LED chip manufacturer in Japan, the chemical enterprises have good many traditional lamps and lanterns manufacturers began to focus on the market.
Snow Wright, which focuses on ultraviolet germicidal lamps, has resumed work ahead of schedule since the outbreak of the epidemic, and continues to expand production and sales. According to disclose, at present snow Wright ULTRAVIOLET germicidal lamp order continues to be sufficient, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp income in the first quarter of this year accounts for about 58%, the gross profit rate is higher, the market demand is larger, is conducive to improve the operating performance in 2020, at present, the company is still continuing to expand the production and sales.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, SAN 'an Optoelectronics has received an increasing demand for UVC LED products from many customers and the government, and the company's UVC chips are already in full production. It is reported that the UVC LED deep ULTRAVIOLET germ killing system set foot in by SAN 'an Optoelectronics is being sought after by the international market and favored by airports, ports, stations and other crowded places. At present, SAN 'an Optoelectronics is also conducting joint tests with relevant domestic scientific research institutions to promote UVC LED epidemic prevention and elimination products to play a more active role in virus prevention.



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