Task Lighting 

Task Lighting 

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Task Lighting 

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Task Lighting 

Task lighting is intended to help you accomplish - you suggest it- a task! This type of lighting is localized and can be provided by a variety of different sources, allowing you the option to adjust the lighting for a work space or chosen area and brighten or darken it in order to suit your needs. Effective task lighting needs to reduce glare and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain , making it ideal for activities like , reading, cooking,crafts and hobbies, studying and work. 


There are a variety of factors that go into seleting the right task lighting.Including what activity or work you need it for, and even your age . As a person gets older, they require more light and become more senstive to glare, making good quality task lighting even more important. Depending on these factors, a good task light should provide about 269-1076 lumens or 40 to 100 watts, to a workspace. 


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