How to apply for mandatory product certification

How to apply for mandatory product certification

  • 2020-07-10
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How to apply for mandatory product certification

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  • 2020-07-10
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1. What qualifications do applicants for mandatory product certification need to have?
Answer: "management of compulsory product attey sets" the 13th regulation: "the producer of the product in catalogue", the person that sell and importer can serve as applicant, put forward to appoint attey orgnaization "in catalogue" product attey applies for.
The applicant may also entrust a compulsory product certification agency registered with the CNCA to apply on its behalf.

2. What materials should an enterprise prepare to apply for certification?
A: Generally, the following documents should be provided:
A copy of the business license of the enterprise;
Applicant information;
(3) The product model and specification that the enterprise needs to apply for;
(4) The applicant needs to entrust the agency company to apply for certification, to sign a contract with the agency company including certification, testing, inspection and tracking inspection.


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