Lighting circuit detection and troubleshooting

Lighting circuit detection and troubleshooting

  • 2020-07-11
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Lighting circuit detection and troubleshooting

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  • 2020-07-11
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2. Static detection of multimeter
(1) Preparation before use of multimeter
(1) In order to improve the accuracy of the test and ensure the safety of the tested object, must correctly choose the appropriate range. Generally, when measuring resistance, the pointer is required to be within the range of 20%-80% of the full scale, so that the test accuracy can meet the requirements.
(2) After selecting the range, zero should be set before measurement. That is, the two pens directly touch (short circuit), adjust the dial - below the zero euro regulator so that the pointer correctly at zero euro.
(3) When measuring a large resistance, the hands should not touch both ends of the resistance under test at the same time, otherwise, the human resistance will be in parallel with the resistance under test, so that the measurement results are incorrect, the test value will be greatly reduced. In addition, to measure the resistance on the circuit, should cut off the power supply of the circuit, otherwise not only the measurement results are not accurate (quite another external voltage), but also make the large current through the microampere meter head, the meter head burned.
Do not put the range switch on the ohmic gear after use. In order to protect the micrometer head, so as not to accidentally burn the head the next time you start measuring. After the completion of the measurement, should pay attention to the range switch dial in THE DC voltage or AC voltage maximum range position, do not put on the OHm range, in case of two watch pen ten thousand - short circuit, the internal dry battery will be exhausted.


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