How to use living room light to get rich?

How to use living room light to get rich?

  • 2020-07-13
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How to use living room light to get rich?

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  • 2020-07-13
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How should the lamplight of a sitting room be decorated
Sitting room and porch belong to Yang, the lamp of the sitting room should be tall enough, bright enough in order to make lamplight diffuse in whole sitting room. If the light source more, should try to use the same elements of lighting to maintain the overall style of harmony. If living room area is larger, can use lamplight to undertake area is divided.
Porch passes corridor to be able to install small shoot light, droplight or the style after condole top installs fluorescent lamp, downlight in order to improve the situation with bad daylighting.

How to use living room lamplight to get rich
Want to get rich in geomantic study of yangzhai, the application of lamplight is very important. The sitting room is bright delegate noble very flourishing, so the lamplight of the sitting room does not use fluorescent lamp as far as possible or with white light, had better be able to use yellow lamplight. Yellow light can not only bring people a warm and harmonious feeling, but also bring a very prosperous people and money.
Additional, if the sitting room has a few corners to be not to move square, that shows there is the money in the home, should decorate meticulously apply, the proposal must install a lamp to illuminate this money. Proper use of light to improve the magnetic field in the home, in addition to allowing the sense of space amplification, but also to prevent the villain destruction of money.

Number of lamps
The number of the lamp in the home is good with odd number, but when shoot the lamp to row illuminate, should pay attention to do not use 3 lamps juxtaposed, lest resemble 3 joss sticks, form bad implied meaning.

Four, different room lighting choice
The guest room
The lamplight of the sitting room wants enough, too dim lamplight can affect host career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns of sitting room ceiling is very important, had better be to use round droplight or absorb dome light, because circle has the implied meaning of doing things satisfactory. The lamplight color of the sitting room should be bright, lamplight is evenly scattered in the sitting room.
The bedroom is to rest for the person, raise the place that accumulates energy, so lamplight color must downy, won't let a person feel dazzling, be helpful for the person to fall asleep.
Hutch room
The light color in the kitchen should be cold and white. Because the kitchen needs to cook food, fire will be used. In order to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang in the kitchen, the light color in the kitchen should be cold and balanced with the fire phase in the kitchen.

Toilet lamplight color should choose the downy light of warm yellow, this is because the water inside toilet is more, cloudy gas is heavier, want to balance with the lamplight of warm attune.
Book room
Had better use fluorescent lamp inside the study, or place on mesa protect an eye, the lamp will illuminate with fluorescent lamp, can make the person produces exciting feeling, facilitate improve working efficiency.


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