The exterior lighting design of the office building and the building

The exterior lighting design of the office building and the building

  • 2020-07-14
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The exterior lighting design of the office building and the building

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  • 2020-07-14
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The exterior lighting function of the office building
Although the appearance of the office building mostly take contracted design, if in the heart of the city and in the face of the office building of the main street, may be considered in the entrance hall or porch mouth use transparent glass walls, or on the road or street take the design of open mode, if appropriate for the office building design of lighting, not only can improve the sense and also contribute to urban landscape.

A way to illuminate an appearance
In the case that there is no extra space in the base of the office building, part of the external walls can be illuminated upward with buried lighting or the external walls can be equipped with indirect lighting that can highlight the sense of building materials, so as to create a gorgeous atmosphere.

For lighting near the entrance, wall lamps, buried lighting, or spotlights can be used to guide the pedestrian path. If the office building adopts the interior design of outer wall, and has planting, wood or open space, etc., as long as the exterior of the building is illuminated with beautiful indirect lighting, it can give passersby the feeling of spaciousness.
When these lighting configurations reach a certain scale, they will affect the urban landscape, so it is necessary to identify the urban planning principles of the area before implementing the planning.

The lighting of the building
Buildings built in the city center of large-scale development exist like landmarks, so they must be lit or decorated with lights to beautify the urban landscape.


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