Electrical lighting design for modern office space

Electrical lighting design for modern office space

  • 2020-07-14
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Electrical lighting design for modern office space

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  • 2020-07-14
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1. Determination of illumination level
The level of illumination depends mainly on the need for visual work and the possibility of economic conditions. China's "Civil Building Lighting Design Standard" stipulates that the general office illumination value is 100 ~ 200lx, the corridor illumination value is about 50Lx. The office illumination in developed countries is much higher than that in China. The illumination recommended by The British Lighting Engineering Society for office lighting is 500 ~ 750lx, while the illumination standard for Office buildings in Japan is 500 ~ 1500Lx. The office building of Aoyu Building belongs to middle and high grade office space. In combination with the national conditions, the illumination level of the office and the public corridor was determined to be 350 ~ 400 lx and 100 ~ 150lx respectively in the scheme design. After the completion of the design and the disclosure to Party A, some people raised the issue of whether the corridor lamps are densely arranged, the illumination is on the high side, and it is not convenient for energy saving, thus causing controversy. As the height of the corridor ceiling is less than 2.1 meters, from the perspective of decoration, improve the illumination from the visual can be relatively high space height, reduce the sense of oppression of the space. The problem of energy saving can be solved from two aspects of light source selection and lighting control. After party A's actual on-site simulation, and from the perspective of development, the final decision to maintain the original design.

2. Glare control
Glare is the most important factor affecting lighting quality. Modern office environment must strictly control glare, otherwise it will obviously affect people's work.
Glare includes direct glare and reflective glare. Limiting direct glare is generally considered from the brightness of the light source, background brightness and the installation position of the luminaires. The method to limit the reflection glare is firstly to make workers not be in the mirror reflection Angle formed by the lighting source with the eye as far as possible, secondly, to use lamps with large luminous surface area and low brightness, or special light distribution lamps (such as batwing light distribution lamps, etc.) with small reflected light in the visual direction.
In the decoration project of Beijing Aoyu Building, the installation position of lamps should be adjusted according to the arrangement of the station. Philips non-glare OA M5 lamps recommended in this design, unique parablelike aluminum baffle light guide lamp cover, bat type light distribution curve, shading Angle 33°, brightness above 67° is less than 20000CD /m, will not cause the reflection glare of VDT screen, protect eyesight, improve productivity.


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