How Light Affects Our Health ?

How Light Affects Our Health ?

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How Light Affects Our Health ?

(Summary description)How Light Affects Our Health ?

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How Light Affects Our Health ?




The invention of the light bulb in 1879 ushered in a modern era that enables us to work well after sundown, but our around the clock access to light isn't always a boon to our productivity.Who hasn't felt sluggish in a harshly or poorfly lit office? Lighting plays a huge role in how you feel at work or school, as well as how well you're able to perform .A properly lit office or school can help employees and students feel happier, more at ease,and improve their productivity level. 


Colour temperature and overall brightness are important for keeping people alert and making it easy for them to focus. The best ways to do this are to:


Include different types of lighting, such as task lighting , such as task lighting in addition to general and accent lighting, so that people can adjust their workspace lighting to suit their needs. 


Keep lighting at the right brightness and colour temperature for the task. Since very bright lighting can heighten emotions ,aim to have general lighting lower and warmer and use cool, bright bulbs in controllable task lamps. 



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