Structure and principle of public lighting circuit

Structure and principle of public lighting circuit

  • 2020-07-15
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Structure and principle of public lighting circuit

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  • 2020-07-15
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Part symbol description in public lighting circuit:
1. Circuit breaker: marked with the letter QF, used as the master switch in the circuit, or relay with overload and short circuit protection function.
2. Bidirectional thyristor: use letters VS logo as a controllable switching device to control the switching on and off of power supply for street lamps.
3. Voltage stabilizer diode: marked with letter VZ, used as voltage stabilizer in the circuit.
4. Photosensitive resistor: Marked with the letter RG, it is the most commonly used sensor element in the public Xiong Lang line. It can trigger the line work by sensing the change of the resistance value of the light and taking the change as an important trigger information.
5.NE555 time base integrated circuit: marked by letter lC, its internal is composed of analog circuit and digital circuit, and has the characteristics of both analog circuit and digital circuit.
6. Lighting street lamps: Marked with the letter EL, it is usually connected in series for multiple lighting street lamps in the line to control the lighting and extinguishing of street lamps in a certain area at the same time.


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