All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

(Summary description)All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 


The Ingress Protection (IP) rating refers to the degree of protection an electrical enclosure can provide against the instrusion of solid objects , including body parts like hands and fingers, dust, accidental contact, and water. In other words, IP ratings tell you how much your bulbs can withstand before they bereak. 


IP ratings are important to consider when selecting light bulbs becuse they help you understand where a ligth bulb can be safely used.Using an improperly rated light bulb in the wrong location can be dangerous, and can potentially expose the electrical componnts to water and dust and increase the risk for injury and damage . IP ratins are espcially important in outdoor areas where your bulbs will be exposed to weather, and in areas like bathrooms where they will be exposed to water and moisture. 


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