All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

(Summary description)All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 

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All About Light Bulb IP Ratings 


How to Read IP Ratings 


The IP rating aims to provide consumers with detailed information about the produt beyondgeneral terms such as waterproof or splashproof.


The IP rating classification system utilises the letters IP followed by two or three digits:


1. The first digit of the IP rating represents protection against penetration by solid objects like debris, and ranges from 1-6, with 1 indicationg protction against a large object and 6 indicating the product is dust tight.


2. The second digit indicates the degree of protection against moisture, and it ranges from 1-8, A rating of 1 indicates a lower level of moisture protection, whereas an 8 indicates the enclosure can be completely immersed in water. 


3. The thrid number incidates the level of protection against mechanical impacts and is commonly omitted. 


An X in place of either digit means that either the enclosure has not been tested or that the test is not applicable


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